The translation process is comprised of: in-depth understanding of the text, translation and revision. In-depth understanding of the text constitutes the preliminary phase for a quality translation. Particularly in regard, not only to technical and scientific texts, but also to those connected with the communication and literary sectors. A professional translator is able to perfectly master the linguistic nuances and specific vocabulary contained within the texts to be translated. Nevertheless, should the client rely on specific terminology, peculiar to their own business, brand or field, this must be communicated during the initial briefing stage. Translation constitutes the main phase of the process and is carried out by a mother-tongue translator, specialised in the required area and able to determine the correct language equivalents for an accurate and smooth translation. Revision is carried out on the full translation and represents the final phase of the process. To be checked and revised are: typographical errors, spelling, grammar, style, terminology and layout for a quality translation that will thoroughly satisfy the expectations and needs of those who rely on TempoText.


In order to best carry out our translation service, we ask you for three simple things:

  • Good quality original texts

The quality of the original text to be translated determines the quality of that same translation. In this regard, correct structure and appropriate syntax represent the basis and the starting point for a qualitatively impeccable translation. (This is if one requests a full translation and not just the revision of the text in a foreign language.)


  • Communication of technical or specific terms

Texts which are extremely technical or characterized by terminology specifically linked to the reference brand (patents, names of collections, brands etc.), require some initial support from your side. This support should be understood as an adequate documentation communicated to TempoText, in order to ensure complete terminology consistency between the original text and its translation.


  • Communicating with us

The possibility of communicating at any point during the translation process is an additional guarantee of the translation faithfully adhering to the original text. This way our professional translators can dispel any doubts, linked to specific, technical or extremely complex terminology that may have emerged during the translation process.


Our aim is to ensure quality translations by taking into account the client’s budget and offering a tailor-made solution to each request. The quality is guaranteed thanks to carefully chosen and certified translators.

Should you have any questions before or during the translation, we remain at your disposal, via telephone or e-mail, in order to clarify any concerns of yours.

We guarantee on-time delivery which is determined in accordance with your requirements. Meeting deadlines is proof of our agency’s professionalism and reliability.

Are you worried about the privacy of your documents’ content? Our translator team will sign a non-disclosure agreement before to start a new translation.